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That…..that is my life saver! All files are good! Couldn’t get the editing software that i paid for but i can get that easily. @coach_football stop by the shop to grab the flashdrive with @johnbunke @jerryk_ @roman___p @ceeedddyu yours and john johns parts. And jerry you should totes bring giant spider skates to rave

Awesome! My laptop shits the bed, which if i can’t recover all the videos from it,.goodbye 4 years of footage and music and photos, but my temporary laptop blue screened and went to this. I hope its good for being a surrogate for the old hard drive so i can transfer it to a new laptop. @coach_football @jerryk_ @johnbunke @vertsk8ter36 @swirledworld and so on, sorry if all gets lost. I have high hopes i can at least recover the videos. Pray for me guys.

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